Information about data protection

Personal data

Entering personal data will be handled with strictest confidence and data protection laws will apply. Personal data will only arise or be used if it is necessary in order to define the content of a specific contract or in order to process a specific contract. The user can at any stage obtain information about the personal data that is saved for him/her The user can also ask to have his/her personal data deleted, if the contract has been processed fully and the storage of data is not required.

Not personal data

When accessing/viewing these internet pages data about this activity will be saved in a log file. The data is not personal data.
Therefore we are not able to retrace which data has been viewed by which user. The following data will be saved:

1. the name of the file
2. data and time when it was accessed
3. the amount of transfered data
4. the access status i.e. file transfered, file not found etc.
5. the page from which the file has been requested from
6. a description of the types of used web browsers

When you access our data we receive user data, which will be saved for statistical purposes and which may make it possible to identify the person with the IP address.
No personal data will be used.

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